Planning a visit to Istanbul anytime soon? Looking for resources to inspire and guide you? We’ve assembled a list of the most interesting English-speaking accounts so you can make the best of your time in Istanbul.


“Canım Istanbul” roughly translates to “Dearest Istanbul” and so is filled with lots of food and drink, fashion and shopping, geek and related inspiration from around the city.


Tuba Şatana is a gastronomer, food blogger, photographer from Istanbul and she organizes food tours as well. So her feed is never just about the food: it’s also about the people and the stories behind it too.


“Vapur” is the Turkish word for the ferry which may be the only form of public transportation that the Istanbulites actually enjoy. @vapuring takes commuting to a whole new level.

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A multi-lingual tour guide from Istanbul, @ganicekem is an expert on the history and the hidden gems of the city.


A travel agency that provides guided tours and experiences, @istanbultourstudio‘s feed is always interesting.