Comfy beds? Check. Vitamins? Check. Hangover food? Check. Favorite movie? Check. The real question is – do you still have alcohol on your bloodstream?

Matt Sleeps is a start-up launched with the purpose of bringing you the comfiest of beds for the most reasonable price. Recently, they’ve extended their entreprise and created the world’s first Hangover Bar.

The guests select their bed online and take a breathalyser test to enter. Once they’re admitted, slippers and blankets are provided. Inside is literally a green oasis, with drinking water flowing from fountains.

Each bed has its own TV to choose an on-demand movie. Once you’re comfily settled, you can order vitamin boosting smoothies or order food from a special menu created by foodora. There’s games and massage service, too.

The bar is open only on weekends, Friday to Sunday from 10AM to 6PM. Click here for location info.