Eskişehir | Self-served canteen teaches kids about honesty.


This secondary school canteen from Turkey is one of a kind: its run by students who are both its customers and its cashiers.

A secondary school from Eskişehir in Turkey, recently undertook an inspiring project:  “The Honesty Canteen” aims to teach kids about fairness, honesty and trust.

For two days a week, students of the Mihalgazi Middle School are allowed to shop as they please from the “Honesty Canteen” and are entrusted to pay for the products they buy. They run the cash register themselves and calculate the remainder, too.


“We keep getting cashier overages.”

Seyhan Doğan, the teacher in charge of the project describes the experience as follows:

“Our students say that the ‘honesty canteen’ days are more fun than regular days. You have to see them checking up on themselves. More often than not, they have a buddy who double-checks the transaction and says something like ‘what you buy is 50 kuruş, here’s your remainder.’ The cash register always ends up with an overage. This is so important. We had initially thought that maybe some of the students would miscalculate the transactions and we’d end up with shortages, but we keep getting an overage.”