Rejans Istanbul, the oldest restaurant of the city unfortunately had to be shut down in 2011, due to a conflict with the landlord. Thankfully, the new owners Mike Norman and Sasha Anton Khan who also happen to own the world-famous 360Istanbul, reopened Rejans with a new name: 1924Istanbul. Here’s how it looks now:

1The historical aura of the place is well-preserved. It’s incredibly nostalgic inside!

The lights are dim, the music is low. If you happen to visit on the weekends, you just might come across a live harp or accordeon performance.

2Tables, chairs and even the silverware was renewed based on the original.

For instance, if one of the chandeliers was an original, its pair was rebuilt based on the that original. Look closely at the silverware: you’ll see they belong to various different sets. No mistake, this was done on purpose.

3The founder of Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was a frequenter of Rejans. As soon as you enter the restaurant, you’ll see his table on the right reserved forever in his name, with a bottle of Kulüp Rakı and some roasted chickpeas on the side.

How about a big applause? 😉

4Even the clock on the wall is set at 5 past 9: the exact time of Atatürk’s death.

5Rejans aka 1924Istanbul, happens to be a Russian-East European restaurant. Take a look at the Fabergé eggs on the display!

If you look carefully, you’ll see plenty of antiques and old object on the walls and the displays. If you wish to observe them for a couple of hours, don’t hold back, no one’ll mind 🙂

6One of the things that make this restaurant an icon, are their house-brew vodkas.

Though their most famous brew is the lemon-vodka, you should try at least a few of their infusions: what you see in the photo are “strawberry,” “salmon,” “beetroot,” “sweet cherry” and “vanilla” infused vodkas.

7As aperatives, plain and salmon flavored butter will arrive as well as fresh Russian pickles prepared on the same day.

See how it melts? That’s real butter for you. On the side, freshly baked Russian house bread is served. But go easy on your tummy, for the food here won’t disappoint you.

8How about some luscious vodka and caviar?

If you’re the caviar loving vodka-drinker, I suggest the salmon-caviar crepes. Behind the crepes, is the circassian chicken with walnuts and spinach pkhali.

9Try the Russian “pelmeni” as a hot starter.

Ours had fresh crab meat inside. You might like to try other flavors.

10Here’s a suggestion for the main course: chicken kievsky with special green butter and potato patties.

11Or you might try the duck with orange sauce 😉

As the restaurant’s chef @gizemozaydemir informs us, the ducks are hanged 4 four days. After a number of marinades and treatments, it cooks for 5 whole hours. And that’s what makes this dish sooo yummy!

12But if you’re more of a classical type, go for the beef strogonoff.

We’ll back you up 100%.

13For dessert, try the “Ooops beetroot ice cream.”

Even the cone is house-made. You’ll realize the presentation is made too look as if a small kid dropped his ice cream.

14Or chocolate “fabergé.” Excuse us, there’s no way we can describe it with a photograph.

So we shot a short video of it.

15If you’d like a digestive after the dinner, the house mixologist Cenk Bey will prepare an amazing cocktail just for you, based on your own tastes.

Gezenti Anne is who you see in the picture: here she smells the smoked rosemary leaves before enjoying her cocktail.

BONUS: they make special set menus on special days. So if you’d like to have a new years dinner at the Rejans for instance, check out the restaurant’s webpage.