Paris is about to get one of the most green-friendly cities in the world: a new law that passed last month now allows Parisians to grow vegetation on the streets, walls and rooftops!

Paris has been pushing for giving back its public areas to its citizens for a while. After urban apiaries and pedestrian/bike friendly public squares, Paris has recently passed a new law allowing Parisians to cultivate urban gardens anywhere within the city’s limits.

Upon receiving renewable three-year permits, the residents now can plant flowers, vegetables and fruits in flowerbeds and pots, living walls and rooftop gardens – contributing to the city’s goal of introducing 100 hectares (247acres) of green space by 2020.


There are guidelines though: the urban gardeners must use sustainable methods and refrain from pesticides, encourage biodiversity and be sure to enhance the city’s overall aesthetic. The city also pitches in by providing the citizens with a “planting kit” that includes seeds and topsoil. The rest, is up to the imagination of the Parisians. Go Paris!