As a Torontian of Turkish origin, I was incredibly happy to hear the Simit & Chai Co. open up in Toronto this past year. You can easily guess why 🙂 So the first chance I got, I went there and photographed this cute cafe run by a young, Turkish couple.

1If you feel like starting the day with “simit,” and Turkish tea, all you’ve got to do is drop by 787 King Street West (Bathurst & King).

“Simit” is a street bagel consumed throughout Turkey. They’re dipped in molasses and covered in sesame seeds before baked.

2This cute cafe is run by a young couple of Turkish origin: Candeniz Ülgen and Duygu Akbulut.

3Candeniz was originally trained to be an architect and Duygu is an electrical engineer. Now they start their days cooking up their own simits!

4Though simit is commonly consumed in Turkey as plain, or with some cheese; Simit & Chai Co. took it to the next level.

Smoked salmons or nutella sandwiches will make your day!

5Aside from freshly baked street simits of Istanbul, they also serve poğaça (Turkish buns, pronounced as “poa-cha” ), cakes and other delicacies.

6Everything is fresh baked daily and hand-made.

7For example, here are some crunchy “simit bites.”

8They serve Turkish coffee and tea, as well.

Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi brand is one of the oldest, most popular Turkish coffee brands in Istanbul.

9But if you’re into variety, they got it.

10As you eat your simit and drink your tea in this spacious and bright cafe, you might like to take advantage of the free wi-fi.

11As her parents are busy working, the smallest member of the family is dreaming away.

When her parents come to work early, little Defne sleeps at the cafe 🙂

12Thank you for all the hospitality Candeniz & Duygu!

Simit & Chai Co is at 787 King Street West (Bathurst & King).

For more info, here’s their website.