Folks in Turkey believe that “breakfast must have something to do with happiness.” So here’s a list of the best breakfast spots in Istanbul: pleasure guaranteed! 

1Emirgan Sütiş, Emirgan

Sit under centuries old trees, with the Bosphorus breeze caressing your face and order a delightful Turkish breakfast. The food is great, the view is great and so is the check 🙂

Turkish breakfast 😄

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3Mangerie, Bebek

A great view complements a great breakfast and Mangerie certainly has it! Better choice for those looking for more continental items, like eggs benedict and granola.

Missed this👌🏻 #breakfast

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4Aşşk Kahve, Kuruçeşme

This time, it’s not just about the view. You’re literally a couple of meters away from the Bosphorus. It’s sooo romantic, as can be guessed by the name: “Aşşk” means “Looove.” My favourite? Pancakes of course. Followed by Turkish coffee 😉

Günaydın ❤️❤️

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5Van Kahvaltı Evi, Cihangir

Van is a city in Turkey famous for the local breakfast delicacies they bring to the table. Though there are now many similar breakfast houses with similar names, Van Kahvaltı Evi in Cihangir was the original location that popularized Van breakfast in Istanbul. Try everything!

Good morning 😎

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9Privato Restaurant, Galata

Only a few hundred meters from the Galata Tower, the “village breakfast” in Privato may be somewhat pricier than the rest of the spots on this list. But you will not regret it once you realize how easy it is to devour all the delicacies served here when they won’t even fit in the table.

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