I would like to take you on a quick tour of the downtown Toronto: these are the photos I’ve taken during my walks at the beginning of May, on three seperate occasions. Shall we walk together?

1We start our tour at the intersection of Queen Street West and Queen Street East. Right across from us, on the West side of the street is the Toronto City Hall.

2Here’s an old fire truck, from the good old days.

3And the mobile neutering truck of Toronto Animal Services is there, too.

4Should we keep walking towards the Queen Street East? These pink tulips in the park have recently bloomed. 

5A glass workshop on the left, a butcher shop on the right. 

6This is the oldest house in the region, under protection now.

7A scene from the cemetary.

8Now let’s get back to Downtown Toronto, right to the center of it all. We’ll come across so many languages, so many nations and so many tastes.

9So this is what Toronto is like: a city-center with a population of 3,5 million where 70% of this population is made up of immigrants. Here’s an Italian pizza place:

10At every corner is an authentic restaurant, coffee, bakery, market or pub. This is an Ethiopian restaurant for instance: 

11And they come with signs in their own language, too. Here’s a Persian restaurant:

12Let’s not forget the murals, either. They’re amazing and everywhere:

13The fire station of the neighborhood with its own tower:

14A optician’s shop with John Lennon:

16“Tot: The Cat Cafe.” You may pet the cats here freely, and adopt them if you like, too:

17Another mural 🙂

18Young people giving away balloons:

19“Wheat Sheaf Tavern” is the oldest pub in Toronto. Since 1849:

20Recommendations from a gym for the Mother’s Day:

21Toronto International Film Festival Building: Look at the collage on the wall made out of movie posters!

22A homeless person eating: 

23So this is Batman’s favourite food truck:

24A meeting on foot, against the sun: 

25A citizen freely protesting the Canadian prime minister and the American president: 

26And this picture was taken at Queen Street West, this guy is making and selling wooden toys on the street:

27A Brazilian coffee shop 🙂

28A Mother’s Day greeting from a bar:

29The facade of a famous nightclub. How do you like it?

30And a Canadian made 3-wheel motorcycle: CAN-AM SPYDER.

There’s no discrimination in Toronto, no racism. There’s unity, love and freedom. Not to forget the celebrations and festivals of various cultures held in summers. You get a taste of different cultures’ music, tradition and food. This is why I love the city I live in.

If you’d like to see more photos from Toronto, check out my photo albums on Facebook.