Mecca | The world’s largest hotel Abraj Kudai is set to open this year.


It’s more like a small luxury village than a hotel.

The Abraj Kudai is a $3,5 billion project that reimagines a traditional desert fortress in contemporary terms: 10,000 rooms. 12 towers. 70 restaurants. 4 helipads. Royal floors. A full size convention center. A shopping mall. Food court. Car parks. Bus station.

You name it, it’s got it all.

The hotel room rendering at the Abraj Kudai. / Photo:

It is currently being built only 2km (1.24mi) from Mecca on a 1.4M sqm (15M sqf) land area for the visitors of Holy Kabaa in Saudi Arabia. Its interiors are designed by London based Areen Hospitality. Ten of the towers will provide a four star accommodation while the remaining two will provide five star service and amenities.

Rendering of a restaurant in Abraj Kudai. / Photo:

It will certainly be an iconic landmark and a sight to see for the pilgrims and tourists alike.

The question is: would you like stay at the Abraj Kudai for your visit to Mecca?