Rio de Janeiro | Harvest your own produce at this Brazilian supermarket.


How fresh can produce get at a supermarket? “The Fresh Garden Initiative” introduced by one of the biggest supermarket chains in Brazil, Zona Sul, allows you to pick your own greens right off the soil.

No the greens do not grow in the supermarket, nobody wants that anyways. Duh! 🙈

They’re grown elsewhere locally and planted in the supermarket soil so they stay fresh. Which means the green produce is not not placed/thrown on top of each other and they do not sag and limp by the end of the day. They are actually being nourished and stay fresh in the soil until the very last moment till they’re handpicked by the consumer.

Signs on the shelves in Zona Sul say: “When serving it at home you may proudly say: I picked it,” or “We plant and take care of it. You just need to pick it.”

This interactive form of shopping has increased vegetable sales by 18% and a brought a 30% uplift in customer preference. As its so successful, the supermarket chain plans to roll the initiative out to its other stores.