Saturday, September 19, 2020

Tips from locals: Top 13 things to do in Astana

Astana: The Central Asian city that is the symbol of determination and achievement. Borne out of nothingness, using its own resources without rejecting its past, Astana has become the pride of the region. Perfect for those willing to work with discipline and make money - but really, really cold in winter!

The 10 Must-Visit Cafés in Istanbul.

This city loves coffee almost as much as it loves Turkish tea! Istanbul's first coffee house opened in 1475, so it is only natural that the English word for coffee stems from the Ottoman word "kahveh" and that there are great cafés all around the city. So here's a short-list of all the must-see coffee shops while you're in town:

The 10 Must-See Sights of Istanbul.

Istanbul is a city of 17 million people, capitol to more than one empire and filled with thousands of years of history. The more time you have to spare the better you'll understand it's culture and dynamism, but if you're short on time this list of must-see sights should do the trick ;)

The 10 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts to Discover Istanbul.

Planning a visit to Istanbul anytime soon? Looking for resources to inspire and guide you? We've assembled a list of the most interesting English-speaking accounts so you...

The 10 Most Romantic Hotels in Istanbul.

Looking forward to a romantic escape with your partner? We've compiled a list of the most romantic hotels in Istanbul: for those who like luxury as well as those looking for budget alternatives. Most are right in the city center, yet right by the sea. 'Cos what's Istanbul without the Bosphorus ;)

The 10 Best Luxury Hotels in Istanbul.

So it is your desire to enjoy the glory of Istanbul with a 5-star quality? We've put together a list of the classiest, most luxurious stays in town.

The 10 Best Small & Boutique Hotels in Istanbul.

You prefer staying at a boutique hotel with a character, rather than booking the most expensive suite in town. Enjoying the city means spending the day outside, so location is just as important as luxury. That's why we've picked the classiest small and boutique hotels for you: enjoy your stay in Istanbul, you deserve it!

Bologna | Mutlaka uğramanız gereken 5 dondurmacı

Her ne kadar damak tadıyla meşhur kent Bologna namını makarnalarıyla salmış olsa da, bir Vedat Milör iddasında olamasam da iddia ediyorum: İtalya’nın en güzel dondurmaları ya da İtalyan adıyla, gelatoları bu şehirde.

Çeşme ve İzmir | Temmuz ayında illa ki gitmek isteyeceğiniz 10...

Bu ay Çeşme ve İzmir'de keyifle dinleyeceğiniz dopdolu müzikaller, konserler, festivaller ve en güzel etkinlikleri sizin için derledik!

Toronto | “Pride 2016” Onur Yürüyüşü’nden farklılıkların zenginlik olduğunu kanıtlayan 18...

Toronto'daki LGBTI topluluğunun her yıl Temmuz başında kutladığı PRIDE (Onur Yürüyüşü) geçit töreni, geçtiğimiz Pazar günü şehrin en işlek caddesi trafiğe kapatılarak gerçekleşti. Etkinlikten en çarpıcı kareleriyse sizin için derledik!