Tips from Locals: Top 15 Things to do in Toronto

I've been living in Toronto for almost 20 years. Here's my suggestions for all the best things to do to in Toronto while you're in town.

Toronto | When you’re craving for Turkish style bagels: “Simit &...

As a Torontian of Turkish origin, I was incredibly happy to hear the Simit & Chai Co. open up in Toronto this past year. You can easily guess why :) So the first chance I got, I went there and photographed this cute cafe run by a young, Turkish couple.

The 10 Best Luxury Hotels in Toronto.

Pamper yourself during your stay in Toronto. Cos you deserve it ;)

Toronto | “Pride 2016” Onur Yürüyüşü’nden farklılıkların zenginlik olduğunu kanıtlayan 18...

Toronto'daki LGBTI topluluğunun her yıl Temmuz başında kutladığı PRIDE (Onur Yürüyüşü) geçit töreni, geçtiğimiz Pazar günü şehrin en işlek caddesi trafiğe kapatılarak gerçekleşti. Etkinlikten en çarpıcı kareleriyse sizin için derledik!

23 Nisan artık Toronto’da da Dünya Çocuk Günü!

23 Nisan ülke dışında kutlanmaya başladı bile! Üstelik bu yıl Toronto Belediyesi 23 Nisan'ı her yıl Dünya Çocuk Günü olarak kutlama kararı aldı :)...

The 10 Most Romantic Hotels in Toronto.

Looking the perfect place for your wedding / honeymoon? Need a romantic getaway? With these Toronto hotels, it's Valentine's Day - everyday.

Toronto | Downtown on foot: a walking tour of the city...

I would like to take you on a quick tour of the downtown Toronto: these are the photos I've taken during my walks at the beginning of May, on three seperate occasions. Shall we walk together?

The 10 Best Small & Boutique Hotels in Toronto.

Whether you like it classy and luxurious or quiet and serene - there's something for everyone amongst the best small hotels in downtown Toronto.